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New Puppy Guide

Here are a few tips that will allow you to give me the kind of care that I need to be a happy and healthy member of your family. Also, they will help to make this adjustment period easier for both of us!!!

1. First, remember that I am a baby – PLEASE keep me safe, warm and dry at all times.

2. In the beginning, please leave my food out where I can get to it anytime I would like. The move to my new home might stress me out and I might not eat as well as I should, but Please encourage me to do so. I will be used to eating dry puppy food but if I choose to be finicky please try mixing some canned food in with the dry to humor me. Basically, let me eat whatever I will eat. Do not change my brand of food right away – if you do, it might upset my tummy which can cause me to throw up and have diarrhea!! Eventually you will want to get me on only my dry dog food – it is much better for me and it also helps my teeth stay healthy. It is also better if you don’t leave my food out all the time once I get a little bit older – that way I won’t become overweight!! PLEASE don’t give me table scraps no matter how much I beg!! People food can make me very sick!!!

3. I will need you to provide a fresh supply of water for me at all times too.

4. I will need you to keep me clean. My mommy did a great job of keeping me clean before I came
to live with you. Now I will be depending on you to do it for me. You can give me a bath with a mild
puppy shampoo as I need it. However, I will also need you to keep my bottom clean in between
baths. I know this is gross, but sometimes my bottom will get dried poop on it – if this happens, it
will be very hard for me to go potty!! A warm cloth will take care of this problem.

5. Here is a list of the items that I will need when it is time for you to take me home:
– Small kennel
– puppy food
– water bowl and food dish
– brush and comb
– puppy shampoo
– nail clippers
– my own blanket ( washable!!)
– chew toys (make sure they are safe for me!!)
– collar and leash
– puppy biscuits (Iams puppy biscuits are extra yummy!!)
– stain remover for accidents


6. For my safety, please use my leash and collar EVERY time you take me out of our house.

7. Please make my new home safe for me – I love to explore and I don’t know danger when I see it!!

8. Please find me a good vet that you trust completely. We will both be depending on our vet to provide me with excellent care for many years!!

9. I need you to keep me up to date on my vaccinations. I don’t enjoy them, but I know that they are important to keep me healthy. When you get me I will be up-to-date on my shots and de-worming, but I will not be done with them!! Follow our vet’s advice on my shots and de-worming schedule.

10. Give me lots of praise when I do something right!! A yummy treat (puppy biscuit) is also a great
way to let me know what a “good puppy” I have been!!

11. Lastly, I can not be housebroken over night. The best advice I can give you is to be consistent with when and where you take me to go potty. Remember, I am a tiny baby with an even tinier bladder so PLEASE don’t harm me for mistakes that I might make!! Don’t be disappointed in me, we’ll both get frustrated at times. Just be patient, I will catch on quickly!!

OH, Before I forget, my mommy has taken wonderful care of me and at first I will miss her terribly
– I might even cry – but give me a few days and I will love you just as much!!

Hugs & kisses,
Your baby

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