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Health Guarantee

Usually at the age of 8-10 weeks, depending on the weight of the puppy and how easily it is weaned from its mother, your puppy will be ready to go to its new home. Sorry, we can not guarantee a delivery date as we will only allow the puppy to leave when he/she is ready

The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and is up to date on vaccinations and deworming at the time of sale. It is very important that you continue the vaccinations and deworming. Please do not expose your puppy to other dogs that are not vaccinated until he/she has completed the entire vaccination schedule – around age 16-20 weeks.

Should your veterinarian find a life threatening problem, the buyer must provide the seller with a written verification of such. The seller reserves the right to have any diagnoses verified by a veterinarian of seller’s/breeders choice.

If the puppy is to be returned, the seller may agree to replace the puppy with a puppy of the same sex and breed as soon as one is available. The puppy must be returned to the seller within 7 days of the confirmed diagnoses, at the buyers expense, and the puppy must be received in the same physical condition as when it left the seller, or this contract will become null and void.

With the exception of hereditary and congenital defects the breeder can not assume responsibility for this puppy after 72 hours of the sale. It is the responsibility of the buyer to care for the puppy properly and keep it free from harm. Please remember that your puppy must be treated with great care and protected from


The breeder assumes no responsibility for Hypoglycemia (sugar drop).

This is common with all toy breed puppies and as a toy breed owner, it is

important to recognize the symptoms of hypoglycemia and know how to treat it.

A hard copy of our Hypoglycemia Article is provided to the new owner and this

becomes their responsibility.

The breeder assumes no responsibility for any medical expenses incurred after the sale.

The breeder assumes no responsibility for training difficulties or behavior problems.

The breeder does not guarantee size. We will give the buyer the weight of the puppy’s parents and
the weight of other puppies out of that mating. We can give the buyer an educated guess as to full
grown weight, but there are too many variables besides genetics.

The breeder does not guarantee fertility or ability to place in shows. The puppy is strictly being sold
as a quality pet.

***This Guarantee applies to the original purchaser ONLY, and is not transferable***

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